Ballroom Etiquette

For easier consumption, much of the source material has been summarised but the full document of "The etiqeutte of the ball room as it particularly relates to country dancing and the more recently and fashionably improved species of dancing" by Thomas Wilson (1815) is available here. 

Please note that dancers should refer to the club callers in order to ensure consistency within HRD.  

From The Etiquette of Ball room Dancing [...] by Wilson (1815)

  • Should any couple stop or perform the same figure twice with the same couple, they must drop one couple, or stand out, so as to not interrupt those that follow on in the same figure.
  • Gentlemen are not permitted to enter the ball room in boots, spurs, gaiters, trousers, or with cans or sticks; nor are loose pantaloons considered for a Full Dress Ball.
  • The usual honours of bows and courtesies should be observed at the commencement and conclusion of each dance. 
  • No dance ought to be performed twice the same evening.
  • When sets are split into two or more, care should be taken so that each set contains an equal number of dancers. 
  • No person should attempt to hiss, clap, or make any other noise to interrupt the good order of the company.