We're often complimented on the quality of our costumes, they're something we take pride in. Many of our costumes are made by members of the group, some of whom offer their services professionally. If you'd like to contact members of our team, they are (in no particular order):

Kate Lobb

Kate is a founding member of the Hampshire Regency Dancers and operates a dress making and tailoring service. She also makes reproductions of Regency misers purses and crochet reticules. If you'd like to contact Kate, you can email her at [email protected]

Helen McArdle

Helen is a member of the Hampshire Regency Dancers and a Historical Costumier. She makes and tailors historical costumes for gentlemen and ladies. Contact her through Facebook.

Amy-Nichole Banner

Amy is a friend of the Hampshire Regency Dancers and runs The Period Costume Shop. She also has a period costume design service at her website.

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