Regency Content Creators

There are a variety of content creators who focus on the regency era, some of our members being among those. We wanted to focus attention on these excellent individuals who provide useful content when creating regency costumes or for re-enacting in the regency period. 

Chris is currently the Chair of Hampshire Regency Dancers, and in his spare time he runs a Regency-based YouTube channel about all things Regency. 

If you are a member of HRD or a friend of the group and would like to be listed among our content creators, please contact us.

Recommended by members of HRD

There are a variety of content creators online who cover a wide range of regency themes and other historical topics, some of which are even friends of HRD. We've tried to link in some of our favourite videos from these creators and hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.

We will be working on a guide to historical sewing with help from a costuming expert within the group, and for that just watch this space!

In the mean time, one of our members highly recommended this video "Don't Skip Learning These Historical Sewing Techniques" which was described as a "one-stop shop for historical dressmaking" and even signposts to other relevant content. 

Getting dressed - Jane Austen and her sister Cassandra (1810)

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A relaxing look into historic dressmaking techniques in my authentic Regency-Era hand sewn dress ✨

Getting Dressed Regency Style | Long Hair Edition

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A Beginner's Guide to Regency Fashion || How it Changed Over 30 Years

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Making That Regency Dress AGAIN 10 years Later

Fashion in Literature: The Regency Era

I copied this gown from the Met Museum | Making a 1790s Open Robe