Buying Regency wear

Especially when starting out, you may just want to buy your regency costumes and accessories. We've put together a list of our Hampshire Regency Dancers members and recommended vendors for this purpose. If you are an external vendor and would like to be listed on this page, please contact us.

Members of HRD

Kate Lobb

Kate is a founding member of the Hampshire Regency Dancers and operates a dress making and tailoring service. She also makes reproductions of Regency misers purses and crochet reticules. If you'd like to contact Kate, you can email her at [email protected].

Helen McArdle

Helen is a member of the Hampshire Regency Dancers and a Historical Costumier. She makes and tailors historical costumes for gentlemen and ladies. Contact her through Facebook.

Lisa - Miss Benford's Emporium

Lisa is a member of the Hampshire Regency Dancers and runs an Etsy account selling hand made historically inspired replica apparel. She sells reticules and hats/bonnets ranging from Georgian/Regency to the Romantic era. 

Friends of HRD

Hats Period - Jane Walton

Jane Walton, who runs Hats Period, is a friend of Hampshire Regency Dancers and makes headwear from a range of time periods. She runs a Facebook and Instagram page. Several HRD members have attended workshops run by Jane in which they made hats/bonnets of their own. 

Ballet Pointe - Winchester

Ballet Pointe is a dance shop located in the Brooks shopping centre in Winchester. It comes highly recommended by several of our members who have purchased their dance shoes here (which they wear for dance practise and dancing in costume) and received excellent customer service while doing so.