HRD Masterclass Videos

Our HRD Masterclass Videos were filmed in 2023, preceeding a dance workshop led by Dance Mistress Georgia Delve. Our aim was to provide a resource that dancers within the community could view a closer focus on footwork and therefore increase their skills. Videos are being periodically uploaded and will first be made available on our YouTube page and then here.

For more information on regency dance, please also see our dancing glossary and guide to deportment

Waltz travelling step

Waltz setting step

Fleuret travelling step

Balance for Fleuret, Allemande & Cotillion

Square Hey: Fleuret

Fleuret in three movements

Fleuret Ending


Cotillion Long Balance

Chassé travelling step

Square Hey Chassé

Chassé croisé

Jeté Assemblé

Strathspey sideways

Quadrille forward & back

Strathspey traveling step

Strathspey sideways

Special thanks to:

Dance Mistress: Georgia Delve

Cameras: Carl Terrey and Beth Morgan

Editor: Chris Oswald