Ignatius Sancho, Twelve English Country Dances, written by an erstwhile slave, 2014, by Valerie Webster

We're often asked about the dances of Ignatius Sancho, they're an important part of our repertoire. Our dear friend Valerie Webster has written this book to help answer those questions. The drawings and artwork are by Diana Durant, a founding member of the Hampshire Regency Dancers, who sadly died in 2015. Details of Sancho's life were researched by Sally Petchey.

This work is not available for purchase on-line, please contact Ann and Derek Appleing of Folk Sales for further information: [email protected]

The Quadrille, 2003. by Ellis A. Rogers

We're very much indebted to Ellis & Christine for many years of support and assistance. This book is the key text for anyone interested to know more about Quadrille dancing. It's available through their website.


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The Historical Dance Society publish many works on historical dance, including titles related to Regency dancing. For more information see their website.

Historic Dance by John Gardiner-Garden

A Dance with Jane Austen by Sussanah Fullerton

Literature and Dance in Nineteenth-Century Britain by Cheryl A. Wilson

Dance in Post-Culloden Scottish Literature by Anne McKee Stapleton

From the Ballroom to Hell by Elizabeth Aldrich

The Extraordinary Dance Book TB., 1826 by Elizabeth Aldrich

The Music Trade in Georgian England by Michael Kassler

The Winders of Wyresdale by Andy Hornby

Hampshire Dance Tunes by Bob Shatwell and Paul Sartin

One Thousand English Country Dance Tunes by Michael Raven